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Darwinia and the 1000000th anniversary edition

 Darwinia After Farthest Frontier stole several hours of my life (I’m still trying to figure out the perfect town). I thought I’d review something a little shorter and less addictive. Darwinia, the 2005 classic from Introversion software with music from Trash80 . Turns out it was shorter but probably no less addictive as once I started I had to finish the whole thing. I had a fond recollection of playing the game when it first came out but I could only vaguely remember the plot and the game mechanics. I remember the graphics being purposefully low-res and it being more about the gameplay. Thanks to the 100000th-anniversary edition (time moves fast in Darwinia) I played a game that looked and felt more impressive than my memory of it. So what is Darwinia? Gameplay-wise it’s a cross between Syndicate in that you stomp around with a small group of operatives while shooting and blowing things up. However, it’s also a little like Centipede in that there are indeed centepede-like creatu

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