Bomber Crew

 Bomber Crew

They say it's not possible to multitask, it leads to low-quality results. Bomber Crew is all about multitasking. You play as the teamwork. Managing a WW2 bomber on various missions. The crew must work together to get to their assigned target, survive the enemy and return to base. Sounds simple but it's far from it. You will notice fairly immediately that navigating while spotting enemies and dropping bombs is no small feat. However, if you manage it you get some rewards in terms of experience and money to upgrade your kit. My crews kit of choice at the moment is festive jumps to keep them relatively warm at altitude. Options include upgrading the flack vest, oxygen systems, gloves, and boots and each has an impact. Yes, gloves stop your fingers from falling off but they also slow you down.

You have the same level of customisation on your plane. Money and take-off weight limit your options so be careful with your choices. 

Then there is the crew, you can recruit them in and each has unique stats. These improve over time and they gain specific abilities. This really adds to the jeopardy of your missions and makes it pretty upsetting when you lost a crewmate in later missions. 

It's fairly easy to lose teammates or the entire plane. By way of example, I accidentally sent my captain out on a wing walk to put out an engine fire on landing. I thought I'd selected the engineer which would make sense. I only realised went the landing angle seemed a little extreme. Watching parts of a plane flying about as it hit the ground I couldn't imagine any survivors however my radio operator managed to make it out alive. As we were in Blighty she managed to make her way back to base in order to join the new recruits on their next mismanaged mission. Lucky escape!

So in summary, a lovely little game. Well made with a focus on gameplay over fancy graphics, that said the graphics are a perfect match for the game.


  • A fun game you can pick up and play anytime.


  • It can all get a little much, who'd have thought that war could be so life and death?

In summary, I really enjoy it.

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