Call of Statham

Steam are/were offering the original Call of Duty and after my visits to the Verdun I thought it only best to dust off my original copy of the game and take a trip down memory lane. 

There were some issues with this, see DRM below. 

However once I got it running I was again sucked into the story and missions. The graphics haven't dated well, the maps are somewhat predictable however the game play is still there. You still rush around frantically attempting to fend the Germans away from the bridge you captured. At these points the scripted game play that makes these single player shooters make sense. Sure PvP makes the experience more varied but it doesn't tell a story. I think Call of Statham (why wasn't he used more on this) was perhaps one of the first games to attempt to immerse the playing in a cinematic story-style situation. I think this is why the game-play still stands up today. On the downside it did waste at least 3 hours of my life in both game-play and sorting out the issues with getting it running on Windows 10. Still happy memories.

Microsoft, in an attempt to distance itself from these slightly outdated games wearing the equivalent of a purple tank top and flared trousers, has decided to ignore the DRM (Digital Rights Management) that let you play them. So if you buy this from Steam I would think it's a nicely adjusted version that no longer has the DRM activated. If you buy from GoG then you've bypassed the whole DRM problem, they're sensibly against such things. If you went and actually gave the original publishers your money then you are in a bit of a problem. This problem took me awhile to figure out. This wasn't due to the information not being out there but more because there appears to be a number of issues that stop the game from running. Most posts seemed to cover issues with ATI graphics cards but as I don't have one of these at present this was quickly discounted. Many suggested downloading nHancer which seems to be a tool that lets you play with your nVidia settings. This didn't seem to be the issue either as the game simply wouldn't start, no errors, no event log messages just nothing. It was only when I read some of these articles ( ) that I realized the problem


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