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The outer worlds - Review

 Reviews are interesting beasts. The first I read on this game stated it was essentially Fallout New Vegas 2. The next review I read stated that if you were expecting New Vegas 2 then you will be disappointed.  It was therefore with a little confusion that I installed and romped through the worlds that are on the outer of something else. Before I get into that though I'll put a disclaimer on here. I can't say I really enjoyed Fallout New Vegas. It was really slow and there didn't seem much of anything going on. I spent a good long time wandering around the desert looking for things to do. Now, this could completely be my fault as I often forget the main storyline in order to sub-quest it out or just see what's out there. However nothing ever really bought me back to what I was supposed to be doing. Something about being shot and buried I vaguely recall. The thing is the fall out games are so mind-numbingly bleak and drab that you don't tend to want to spend much tim

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